About Us

The Dryboot Company was formed in July 2010 by Malcolm & Barbara Harris, former directors of 'The Welly Shop'.

August 2010

The 'Viking Dryboot' has always been popular with our customers, but increasingly difficult to source - indeed during 2008/2009 it was not available at all in the UK.

After some considerable research and relentless enquiries, all remaining stock across Europe has been 'rounded up' and new orders have been placed with the manufacturers to fill size gaps.


We have to report that sadly, the manufacturing costs have doubled during the past two years and it is no longer viable to supply at our current retail rates - for this reason we have decided to finally end our efforts. Stocks are being cleared and the popular sizes are already running out. Please see homepage for remaining sizes available.

JULY 2013

As a result of pressure from customers old and new, discussions are under way with regard to producing the Dryboot under our own brand name. Watch this space!

In the meantime, we have secured a small remaining number of popular sizes - these are due to be delivered early in Sept. 2013 We are taking reserve orders until further notice, but please take note - numbers are limited, so don't delay!!


Well, the entire consignment sold out before we took delivery, so we apologise to all those disappointed customers. That's the bad news.... The good news is that we have now finalised arrangements for importing the Dryboot under our own brand name! The first consignment of the 'HARRIS waterproof' Dryboot will be available from late December 2013!

The new boot will be available in Sizes 39, 41, 42,43,44,45 & 46 only, until remaining Viking stocks (Sizes 36,37,38, 40 and 47) have cleared.

We are already taking reserve orders, so it looks like a wise move! Further updates will be posted as soon as images are available.


At last, after a couple of weeks' delay due to bad weather on the high seas, the new Harris Dryboots have arrived and are safely stacked in our warehouse.
We shall be busy over the next few days sending out reserved orders. Looks like we may be reordering sooner than we thought!


Almost three years since our first consignment of Harris Dryboots.  Sales have exceeded expectations and for the third time,  we're waiting for our ship to come in with more! Sizes are selling out fast and some will be disappointed for Xmas but by 2nd January 2017 we should have a full warehouse again. We still have very limited stocks of Size 36-38 'Vikings' - the new stock will include these sizes in the Harris brand - now available in all sizes 3 - 12.

MAY 2017

Spring in UK sees the launch of our new website. HUGE thanks to Matt at Cova Services  for his ongoing support, expert advice, tolerance of my ignorance and ultimate deliverance of a brilliant website. Also to Mirek at Lucanart for the wonderful and innovative studio photography - supplemented by some of our own shots in our beloved Cornwall!

We are constantly surprised at the reported diversity of our Dryboot! Send in 'action shots' to sales@thedrybootcompany.com - best image wins a prize!!

July 2017

Thanks to reviews in Countryman's Weekly and The Field, July has been a record month for sales of Dryboots - despite the scorching temperatures!

Dryboot review


After a large order from Leeds University we find that we are once again, waiting anxiously for new stocks from the manufacturers.   We have sold out of some of the popular sizes but have arranged to fly in some emergency supplies as soon as they roll off the production line!  These should arrive around early/mid September - a few weeks before the remainder complete their journey by sea.   We are taking reserve orders for these sizes and as always they will be sold on a first come, first served basis.     After listening to some comments from our customers, we have decided to shorten the laces on the new consignment - although we keep a good stock of spares, so if the longer version is preferred, we can oblige!


Another great review, this time from Paul Rendell at Dartmoor News.  He has just completed 1000 miles in his Dryboots - taking walkers on guided tours of Dartmoor.   We're not sure this is a record, but it's certainly proof again, that the Dryboot is a worthy match for the toughest conditions.  Thank you Paul!


It's the 20th, the warehouse is almost empty and we're getting very impatient....just been online to find the ship carrying the new, and much needed, consignment of Dryboots.  She's just west of Malta, nicely on course and due to dock in Felixstowe on the 26th October.   We're hoping for a speedy unloading, snag free customs, no traffic problems - and delivery to us on 30th Oct/1st Nov.   The reserve orders are mounting - looks like another batch will be needed sooner that we thought!!


Well, despite our ship running aground, drifting to a horizontal position and blocking the Suez Canal for a few stressful hours - our consignment of Dryboots arrived on time and are now happily filling the shelves in our warehouse.   As predicted the huge number of back orders and increased sales coming up to Christmas has prompted us to re-order more already - hopefully this will ensure that we don't run out again!


A very Happy New Year to all of our customers, old and new.

2017 was a busy year for Dryboots and 2018 is already breaking records.  Another 1200 pairs are en route to keep up with demand.

We have been working hard to keep the price as low as we can and for the past four years, have absorbed annual increases in  material and shipping costs, but unfortunately we can no longer continue and from January 25th, there will be a small but necessary increase in the price. Carriage costs will remain the same for the time being.


Another consignment is on the high seas bound for the UK.  Unfortunately, once again we have underestimated the demand for certain sizes and we have sold out of 39's and are very low on 41's and 46's but we are taking reserve orders for priority dispatch as soon as the new stocks arrive -estimated around the 8th November.   At least we will be fully stocked in good time for Christmas.

Update: 25th October    Now sold out of 36, 38, 39, 41 and 46 - will be happy to see new stocks, still on course for 8th/9th November.  I will post confirmation arrival date as soon as we have it.  Reserve orders are piling up and will be dealt with on priority.

After several requests, we have added some Harris Dryboot accessories, to our range.  We can now supply ladies and gents thermal boot socks, waterproof insoles and hydrophobic (waterproof) laces (in a more conservative tan/cream!) - all great additions and perfect to make up a gift package for Christmas or birthday!

I am greedy and use two pairs

"I am greedy and use two pairs, a size 42 for summer wear with thin socks, and a size 43 for winter wearing thick socks. Just the job for all outdoor activities. Used them for almost 20 years now. Again, well done." - P. Slimon

I heartily thank you!

"The boots are all I expected them to be. Fitting well, with plenty of room, comfortable and hopefully durable enough for the tough wear I intend to use them for. I spend many an hour tromping across muddy fields in all weathers with a metal detector and spade, in search for ancient artifacts. I heartily thank you!" - C. Hale

Quick service and a good functional boot

"Quick service and a good functional boot as well. Size generous so I fitted a pair of insoles which improved fit and added a modern cushioned feel to the boot. I am pleased with them." - C. McPherson